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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The week is flying by TOO fast for us!

This morning it was all smiles when she started cooing - it's time to get up - maymay and peeps. We gladly went in and retreived her(although she might have like to have cooed a little longer, judging from the squint the overhead light though dimmed produced.

We went downstairs, started with the soymilk bottle which she now requests with her cute little baby sign language accompanied by her little 'bas' and once that is done, we served up cheerios and banana on the patio. She seems to love it out there, what an awesome way to start up the day for us too. We joined her in breakfast and scurried out to do a few errands...we went to the drive in dry cleaners where our vendor said she looks like a doll. We ageed. After that, we went to the bank to deposit a check & the teller there exclaimed, what a cute baby....then off to the post office and finally to Earth Fare where we needed to pick up some things which aren't available at HT. Then Peeps pulled up to the garden center at Lowe's and let MayMay go in and see if impatiens were less expensive....while I was there I found some Hosta's on sale and that the impatiens were indeed about 1/2 or the New Garden price.

We came back about 10:30 and put her down about 10:45 she laughed and cooed and talked until about 11 so we let her nap till 12.

Fun Fun - Justin and Millie came over for lunch and she had deli ham(which was more fun to play with than eat...and some crackers, banana, and whole wheat pasta and more animal cracker pieces than she probably should have had!! We ate on the was sweet and fun.

Then we dragged down a blanket from upstairs and ratted around the back yard for about 45 minutes and shhh...we didn't have clearance from headquarters, but we did paint her cute little toenails which she mostly wiggled through. It was fun, she is cute as pie.

Back to nappie - down pretty quick and up at 4 just like clock work, then off to the Farmers Market to see the flowers and get some berries

Home again and off to a wagon ride, dinner, visit with the May family, who all wanted to hold Avery of course and even though tired, she had a blast with them, smiling and laughing and being her 100% cute self. What a fun day with her.

Then off to bed saying goodbye to the huffs as she went.

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