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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oh the wonderful places we will go

Day Three: Tuesday

Avery woke at 6:30 with an doubt ready for another day of fun but seemed to go back to sleep as we heard no babbling or gurgling or noise at all until about 7:45 and when we went in to get her, she seemed pleased as punch and raring to go! Peeps took her down to start her SoyJoy and MayMay finished her shower and dressing and took Avery some clothes down including sox and shoes as it seemed a bit chilly. As soon as she finished her Oh Boy Soy Joy the whole bottle full to the top she had some cheerios(breakfast of champions) & a whole banana. We topped this off with a dose of vitamins which came back up as fast as they went down but they didn't seem to bring anything with it. Next was bathtime and she seemed to love it. Peeps and MayMay had some challenges getting there with everything from upstairs but we did and we washed the banana mousse out of her hair.

All dressed and ready to go to JSCO. After posing with the sign, she went inside to her public and she made sure everyone was working hard. We had a little trouble getting away by 10 but did manage to get her here with no tears and just a few yawns by 10:30. She then slept till 11:30. We started this lunch with about 2/3 cup of Soy Milk and then some cut up grilled chicken, avocado and broccoli(her mom called these trees when she was little) she still seemed hungry so we cut up a sunny days bar and she woofed that down. Not really knowing what to feed her and she isn't sweeping off her food to the floor or making hair mousse from her lunch, we agreed she might still be hungry so we tried half a banana. She ate most of that before she was tired of this activity so we did the ALL D thing and swept it all away.

Deciding that this was the ideal time to go to the petting zoo at the natural science center. Now i don't think we had been there in 20 or so years so no telling how long it has been closed but it is. Fortunately for us, the stuffed animals and the not all that cool displays were interesting enough for her. She was happy as a clam in Peep's new backpack and we had a most wonderful time, just strolling the halls looking at the science exhibits and the dinosaurs. At 2:00 we headed home and she had some water and we put her down about 2:30. It is 3:18 now and she isn't fussing, she is talking and a nap doesn't seem to be in the offing. I don't know what that means for later. Actually she just started whining a bit maybe she will drop off.

She awakes about 4:30 and is smiling an giggling when we go pick her up. She indicates more please with her cute little hands and says ba (which we translate to soy milk bottle please) it is ready and waiting in the frig and MayMay and she have a little girl time together...slurping it up all the way. In a while Millie came over and she and Peeps had a LONG walk around the block or blocks as it was. Avery seems to have full command of being a back pack passenger and loves it. May May meanwhile is cooking some chicken and planning on Avery's next meal - which we decided to serve in the living room because it was rather warm outside. She rejected MayMay's chicken as it was on the overcooked side and opted in for some avocado, soy yogurt and of course the standby banana. She really does do the oo oo ah ah thing when she sees the banana course. Then we just played on the floor, cruising blocks, books, and punctuating most things with that cute little 'hi' which just MUST be recorded along with wuff, huff, what's that, who's that, and flove(short for flower in our best estimate)

She is ready to punch out at 8 and we take her up, dress her, and kiss her good night. I think she must have kissed peeps 20 times on her way upstairs. She is cute in every way. She has that wonderful gentle spirit which says to us that she has grown up knowing that family and friends love her well and that she has a schedule which gives her great predictability. Ali and Johnathan - you have done a wonderful job. What a peach! What a wonderful day we have had.

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