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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Peeps invents Oxygen sensor add-on for baby monitor, makes $10 million overnite; all Smith/North relatives are set for life!

Day 4

Avery awoke at 6:30 am, fussed a little, and then went back to sleep. She woke again at 7:45; Peeps brought her downstairs after he changed a big diaper. He told MayMay that when he went in her room to get her up, all he had to do was "followed his nose." Over breakfast, Peeps announced he was inventing an Oxygen sensor add-on for the baby monitor, betting that there would be a huge market for such. Georgia & River said they understood "sniffing technology" and volunteered to help.

Following breakfast consisting of a sunny side egg (she liked it yesterday but not today), banana, and cheerios, Avery decided this would be the perfect time to apply a little egg/banana mouse to her hair. When she was finished, she looked just like she had stuck the tweezers into an electrical socket because her hair was standing out over.

Morning bath time is a happy time. Her favorite bath toy was a little two piece silver tea bag strainer...and a yellow duck. MayMay brushed Avery's teeth, and then Avery wanted to brush her teeth. After plenty of water play, MayMay plucked her out of the water and plopped her into Peeps' waiting arms and bath towel. In a minute or two, Avery got all spiffeyed up and ready for the day, looking pretty as could be. Peeps brushed her hair as long as she would let him, then Avery took over and fixed it how she wanted it.

This morning's field trip was sponsored by New Garden Nursery where MayMay wanted to check the market in impatiens. $16.99 per flat! Wow. MayMay took Avery's picture taken beneath a huge hanging basket. Peeps and MayMay strolled the grounds looking at shade periennals and such while Avery watched everything perched up in Peeps' Kelty Journey Backpack. (afterthought: Lowe's has them for $8.99.

Wow it only takes 15 minutes to do a 60 minute field trip! Where does the time go? We hurried home for nap (30 min. past schedule). Avery fell asleep after talking to herself for about 30 minutes.

Lunch time, oh, boy!

Aunt Millie and Uncle Justin joined us for lunch out on the porch. Maggie and her dog cousins played all around, to Avery's great delight; "huff, huff, huff, huff," she was overheard saying. Three dogs is a lot of fun when you are 14 months old! She must have said "huff" 200 times so far this week.

Justin and Millie packed up lunch and went back to work, and MayMay and Peeps and Avery went to Friendly Pets, formerly Petland. Oh boy!!!

We saw: wabbits; parakeets, parrots, finches, 3 cats, and a hundred little dogs, "huff, huff, huff, huff," said Avery. She was most interested in the fish tanks; while Peeps held her up close, Avery traced her little fingers around the little fishes. She also saw some little crabs and really big fish. She marvelled at all these wonders. Peeps and MayMay decided she would be just perfect to enjoy the NC Aquarium.

We headed back home just in time for naptime (Avery's naptime). Peeps gave her a dry diaper and laid her in the pack and play. She must have been ready to dream about dogs and cat and wabbits and chinchillas and birds and fish because she went right to sleep.

After naptime she got up and played with blocks. She was still playing with blocks when Aunt Millie and Uncle Justin came back over to play and join us for supper. MayMay fixed Avery some chicken tenders, cauliflower, banana, and whole wheat pasta. She fixed the grownups the same thing, with mushrooms and chicken broth added and all stirred up together. Avery loves family dinner and cleaned her plate...well, truth told, River and Georgia and Maggie helped clean her plate and her high chair tray...

Mealtime is unhurried time and everybody gets a chance to talk and listen. Avery seems very well content to just "be" and we are certain she feels she "fits in" and "belongs." It's so totally obvious her Mommie and Daddy love her (and each other), else how could she feel so much security at such an young age. Their unconditional love for her paired with a predictible, sound schedule has put a strong foundation under her. She definately knows Aunt Millie, Uncle Justin, River, Georgia, Maggie, MayMay, and Peeps are her "family."

We aimed for bedtime while she's still happy, because when she's too tired to compute "today is gone today was fun," it hits her and that's when the tears start. We had run out of PJ's, and Peeps started a load of Avery's clothes during supper, but they didn't dry before the tears started, so we found something that would do, said our prayers, and jumped in the bunny patch.

Today was fun. Lots of fun.

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