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Monday, April 23, 2007

Yipee another day at Toad Hall

Avery woke up while MayMay just bounced outta the shower and with her hair still wet and peeps and pups were still slumbering. We all got up and went to get Avery up. She woke up happy – exclaiming HI! To all!!!

We scampered downstairs let the wuffs or the huffs (we aren't sure which is the noun and which is the verb) out and cooked a yellow of the egg – sunny side up which by my estimate is the only way you can cook the yellow of an egg…. She seemed to like that with some banana on the side squealing with delight with the oo oo ah ah ee ee sounds attributed to monkeys we hear with of course some cheerios on the side and a sip or two from the endless soy cup but seemed to like to play with that more than drink it. We called in the small brown automatic vaccum to get up the leftovers off the floor and she seemed impressed with the automation here. I imagine Scout cleans up as she goes at home.

Boy there isn’t much time between getting up and going back down but we did manage to squeeze a quick trip to REI for Peeps a backpack for toting around the grandchildren. I think he believes it will help his back pain !! Avery also shopped for a kayak and other outdoor gear. She loved going there and seeing all the colors and stuff.

We rushed back to get her in bed for the early morning nap – tongues hanging out from the schedule….

MayMay and Peeps sit on the back porch and munch on some shredded wheat with the wuffs in careful attendance.

TIME TO GET UP AGAIN – she cries at the stroke of eleven and we go up to get her up. We don’t really know what to do but decide she might be thirsty and settle down with her on the back patio with the rest of the soymilk from breakfast that we were careful to put back in the frig when it wasn’t making too big a hit at breakfast.

At about 11:30, MayMay and Avery got into Peep’s Suburban and went to the HT to pick up our grocery order and lunch from Chick Fila

About noon we arrived back at Toad Hall with some grilled chicken sandwiches and various accoutrements. I warmed up some broccoli florets for Avery and cut up some banana and a snack bar. She also had about 1 ½ inch square of grilled chicken cut up into tiny pieces, she gobbled that down. The wuffs helped with lunch. We ate on the patio with Uncle Brother.

May May’s long walks from yesterday left her knees hurting a bit – so Peeps hauled out our her beach bike and she rode in it while Peeps pulled Avery in the wagon.

Avery seemed tired when we returned so about 2 o’ clock we put Avery back down for a nap and decided to catch up on the events of the day.

At 3:45 it is a little voice talking and cooing not fussy at all and when MayMay went to get her up, she was standing in her packnplay hands lifted up.

We decide it is time to try out the backpack so after a big snack, we try it on for size but it is catawampus and she screamed dissatisfaction. We thought it best to trot back up to REI and ask the expert from Cary. He was there and happy to get it situated on Peeps for comfort and then helped Avery find her place in it but she still wasn't happy about the prospects of backpacking at least not yet. The nice guy from REI said that frequently that is the response of the initial test drive but said after you got going, the response was usually good. with those words, peeps took her crying real tears towards the front door. By the time they got to the cool bikes for wee ones near the door, the tears had turned to smiles and all was well all the way to the HT. Mommie brought the car over most of the way in case the smiles turned back to tears so we could make a quick getaway...

Upon picking up a few forgotten things from the HT we returned home about the time Millie got there & it was time for Avery's dinner... Some leftover chicken, avocado, more brocoli and topping it off with another cup of SoyMilk and a couople of animal crackers. She was good to go on a long stoll with Peeps and Millie. MayMay stayed and cooked dinner for them and Justin came by and took his ala car.

By the time they got back it was off to bed without much of a fuss and we settled in for our regular 24 viewing.

When we put her to bed, Peeps quoted the now famous 'Today is gone, today was fun, tomorrow will be another one - every day from her to there, funny things are everywhere!'

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