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Monday, April 23, 2007

Avery's big adventure

Camp Toad Hall Monday April 22- Friday April 27, 2007

Ali and Johnathan brought Avery to Toad Hall Saturday April 21st. they had just been to Asheville NC to see the sights and look at some houses and just get a feel for the real estate there.

That Saturday night MayMay and Peeps had already made plans to go to the rotary function with Uncle Brother and Silly Aunt Millie.
DAY 1:
Sunday morning – we woke up and had breakfast and Mom and Dad hit the road to Wrightsville Beach about 11 am(while Avery was napping).

Avery woke up about 12 ish and we had lunch banana snack bar and broccoli florets and some soy milk about ½ bottle then MayMay and peeps took her on a wagon ride with our wuffs River and Georgia around the block – we saw Linda and Jeff Hayes and their wuff Rex then we saw bob and Linda Thompson down in the park having a picnic… we came back in time for a little play time and another nap

Avery took a nap from 2:30 – 4:30 and MayMay and Peeps took her on a long ride in the stroller with our two wuffs. We looked at everything and had a good time. About 6;15 we took a short car ride up to the service station taking the sailboat up for airing up the tires. Hooking up the boat to a car was nothing new for her!!!

We came back and got her the same time as Uncle Brother and Aunt Millie. Justin and Millie played in a little corral they made in the LR floor while MayMay got ambitious and test drove some LeSeur Peas and Yellow Squash for dinner – REJECTION – so we used the stand by Banana, Cheerio, and some Soy Yogurt. She seemed happy and full and we thought we could keep her up a little past 8 pm…but she let us know that enough fun was enough fun on the way up the stairs… She crashed and burned and slept soundly till 7:30 the next morning.

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