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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Allen Levi's Blog

Allen has started blogging. For those of you who know Allen - he really likes paper and pens and stamps & he likes to get stuff delivered by usps so this is BIG for him, in my opinion. Anyway we are in day 3 of 10 days where Allen is giving us a song a day on his blog. It is really fun to hear him again. Our grandkids listen to his lullaby cd(no longer available that I know of) and they are the 4th generation to do so. Click him, be a little patient as wordpress doesn't exactly have it alltogether (or I don't have it together on how to use it or I am short on patience) - on the click and play thing - but it is well worth the patience - see it in my blog list to the right.

Wanna Drag your paw

Peeps says 'wanna drag your paw in the water Grayson?' She replys 'uh huh' and drops her hand right in.