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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

West Asheville Block Party

When we were visiting the Norths in Asheville - ALi said
Let's go down the street to this block party I saw - It
advertised a petting zoo - making us all believe things like
bunnies and goats and the likes would be there but there
was a bountiful supply of scarry pets like lizards, snakes,
and hairless we went for the zoo but stayed for
the fun!! LIke face painting, golf, and a man who make
about anything from balloons.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Monkey in the middle

MayMay and Peeps, Ali and Johnathan, Millie and Justin, and Avery, Jackson, and Grayson were sharing the love one summer Saturday on the deck at Ali and Johnathan's West Asheville home. MayMay and Peeps drove up for their first visit since May 1, when Ali and Johnathan moved into their new home, and Mimi, Hoosh, and Grayson stopped by for a visit on their way to Cashiers, NC, to take part in the 100th annual reunion of the Zachary family. MayMay and Peeps could have had no gift more precious than to see three happy-hearted grandchildren, full of life and love.

"Hurry up, MiMi, Grayson and I want to play Monkey in the Middle." Jackson, it seems, has no choice, at least for today. You can bet it won't be long before Jackson is big enough to twirl both girls up over his head at the same time like two little batons. Jackson is Peeps #1 pick to be the first pup to knock down the whelping box door. Words to the wise big sister and big cousin, "What goes around comes around."

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Tree House last Saturday

Here we are at the Tree House - where Avery and her brother Jackson live with their parents Johnathan and Ali. We are having a wonderful lunch - reading Llama Mama - and just generally loving the family time. Justin and Millie and Grayson were on their way to Cashiers to the 100th Zachary family reunion. It was something that would have been hard to plan - all of us being there at once and all - but it just happened and it was fun fun fun. MayMay

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