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Friday, April 27, 2007

Avery and Peeps Make an Invention

Avery brought a spinwheel to Camp Toad Hall. She wanted MayMay to fly it out the window, but that wouldn't work, so Peeps and Avery decided to make an invention. They wedged it between the grab handle and the headline, positioning the spinner right beneath the a/c vent. Peeps said "propeller." Propeller is too big a word for Avery right now, but she gets the idea. Peeps has three outboard motors at Toad Hall. Three Evinrudes: A 10HP, a 6 HP, and a 3 HP. He also has a 2HP at the home of Avery's Mommie and Daddy. Avery's Daddy and Peeps fixed the 6 HP during craft time at Camp Toad Hall. They made lots and lots of blue smoke come out of the garage. Uncle Brother helped Peeps and Avery's daddy with the project. Mostly he kept the cigar lit and took pictures and videos.

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