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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The kitchen and all in it are MINE-HUFF HUFF HUFF

The kitchen and all in are Mine All Mine. The huffs 5 of them at last count lining up for breakfast this morning & I like to toss them the extras from my little tray (giggling) egg yolks, Cheerios, Banana, and SoyYo for sure with BaBa just for good measure. I just love breakfast time. Laughing,Playing and watching the huffs. What could possibly be more fun? Peeps acts like he doesn't like my little game of toss to the huffs but I can see him smiling and laughing with MayMay. They just don't seem so serious to me. Hey, Mom and Dad - Just stay in Jamaica another week, we are fine here. This morning is brought to you by the letter B for Bikes and the number 5 for Huffs.

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jonathan smith said...

a word of explanation: "huff" is both noun and verb. huff is the creature who makes the sound (i.e, wuff, wuff) and it's also what the sound sounds like (wuff, wuff). but there's a new variation. now when the huffs bark, avery says, 'ruffruffruffruffruffurffurffurffurff;" it comes out in one long sentence.