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Saturday, July 14, 2007

HEY It's Saturday Morning 7:45 AM (Yikes, Am I Ever Up Early)

Last night Peeps and MayMay said - Avery, better go on to sleep 'cause we gotta go 'farmering' ??? at 7 tomorrow - and yes, breakfast will be on the fly - you may even go in your jammies. Well i wake up at 7 (on my own - first day since I have been at camp) and off we went - they did put on my coverall skirt just to make sure I would fit in! What fun we had - we saw huffs, friends, and yummy food (squash, corn, green beans etc) and blackberries - the biggest I had ever seen(they were weird through) Here I am with Peeps viewing a Huff Huff on our way in.

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