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Friday, July 13, 2007

Beats taking a nap

Peeps and Avery are in the market for a tow-behind bike trailer, big enough to carry a couple of grandchildren, safe, and of course, good looking. Our Criteria? 1) Speed, 2) Price, and 3) Quality. First we checked out Cycles D'Oro. Then Performance Bicycle, where the Burley D'lite was on sale. But before we knew it, a hot bike caught our eye. You guessed it: Schwinn's Little Tigress!

It had to be the streamers because she went for them first. Peeps thinks four playing cards held on with four clothespins would be perfect.

New word for the day: Bike. Bike. Bike. Bike. Bike. Bike. One hundred fifty times. Bike.

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