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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sunny Girl

Avery's father hoisted her off of the dock and into the waiting hands of Peeps, who steadied their precious cargo between his knees, before veering off downwind, hugging the shore, and shaking out the sail. On Avery's 2nd sail aboard Sunny Girl, Peeps vintage Sunfish, he showed her how to tell how fast they were going, by dragging the mainsheet's figure-eight knot in the water, creating a little wake and asked her if she ever saw Bunnies in the clouds. Yes, lots of them, she said. Johnathan, proud his little girl had been born with sea-legs, demonstrated lying down flat on his back, on a deck whose coaming had not yet been refastened to the faired hull. "Daddy, don't lie down," as if she wanted her Daddy to see the full enjoyment of her voyage. Upon returning to our side of the lake, Johnathan and Peeps spotted a georgeous yellow sunfish two docks down, turned upside down, getting her hull cleaned. A mid-1960's boat Peeps surmised from her bronze kick-up rudder attachment. "Let's go in for a closer look," not the first of simultaneous thoughts we two have had. Steering toward our neighbor's dock, Avery's actual words to her father and me were, "I need a boat." And with that we introduced ourselves to our new neighbor, Cecil. We're going back Sunday to give closer look and see if Cecil needs a hand putting his boat back together. Stay tuned.

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johnathan and ali said...

what a precious post! i love that little sunny girl!!! (and her daddy and peeps too!)