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Sunday, August 26, 2007

MayMay's little boy fountain

One of the things my Peeps lets me do is to play in MayMay's fountain. Here I am splashing...hugging....kissing...and feeling all there is to do here at CTH. PS there was a BIG party going on for my Uncle Houst and Aunt Mimi and my soon to arrive cousin ---we don't know yet whether it will be a boy cousin or girl cousin---Susie(one of MayMay's bestest friends does this kewl thing called a ring test and it sez it will be a boycousin) Susie claims that she has a 50% chance of being correct. I don't understand percents yet but when she says it everyone smiles and some laugh so it must be something funny. Susie always likes to see me when she is around when I am. I call her Susie and she likes that I know her name. I think she is the one they say is like a second mama to my mama and my uncle Houst and I don't know how all that works but it must be kewl.
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