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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Longest Day - The First day of Summer - The First Viewing of Fireflies

We were just about to get Grayson into bed -
child loves to push the staying up as long as she possibly can
When I was walking downstairs and saw the front yard blinking like crazy.
Grayson had never seen a lightning bug.
I announced back to Peeps "COME QUICK" and he knew what I had seen.
AMAZING was her total description with glee. 
I asked how many she thought we saw in the brief time we stood there, 20?
21! she quickly said.  She went to bed excited but happy as could be.
We love having her & her family here at Toad Hall for June. 
Justin and Millie had gone out to celebrate Anniversary #8.
Life is good where the fireflies are!

1 comment:

jonathan smith said...

me: 21 fireflys Grayson
Grayson: right, that's one for each muffin River ate today.