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Sunday, June 14, 2009

long time no post - camp riverbank SPRING CLEAN

Here we are - left to right top to bottom - working like a dog - who ever came up with THAT expression _ Cooking Landing - planted, irrigation system in place - THE SKYLIGHTS - ALL CLEANED UP - did I mention that PEEPS spent most of Saturday ON THE ROOF with a leaf blower and SHOP VAC _ yes he had them ON THE ROOF - paper towels, windex, and ant spray - squeegie to boot and it was 100 degrees - YIKES - it was a bit scarry even for me..... next shot - exterior street side - all spiffied up - is that a word? - cleaning products safely locked away from little curious toddlers and toddlettes - Screen door - replaced - Maggie next one is yours :) Sling Chairs - all fixed from past mishaps...- old screen door - ready for recycling. AND SO MUCH MORE.... Just returned from boat ride, eating dinner late but no PIZZA - it is after 10 - HA........FOR the record, we finished all the things on our A list, there are still some B-Z things for the rest of y'all who are coming down to do. MUCH LOVE- MayMay and Peeps

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