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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence!

Uncle Brother and I are cut from the same cloth. How do I know? We both love to laugh, even though he's been laughing a whole lot longer than me Hey, laughter is contagious. Why not enjoy it for all its worth?

Tonight, sitting around the round table on the patio after supper, just chillin, waiting for lightning bugs to come out and play, Uncle Brother and I started looking at each other and laughing. I covered my head with my napkin. When I pulled it off to see if he was still looking at me, he howled real loud. That tickled my funny bone, and when my funny bone got tickled, that tickled his funny bone and that tickled mine all the more, and I thought we'd never stop laughing.

Did you know laughter is good for your soul? It is -

Psalm 100 says it like this:

1-2 On your feet now—applaud God! Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence.

3 Know this: God is God, and God, God. He made us; we didn't make him. We're his people, his well-tended sheep.

[A Thanksgiving Psalm]
from The Message translation

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where did all these Flamingos come from?

We got Flocked. Thursday night. Avery had gone to bed, MayMay and Ali were upstairs hanging out. Peeps was chillin in the living room with the dogs...and all of a sudden the dogs go crazy, barking and carrying on. MayMay and Ali came downstairs and looked out the front door. Thirty pink flamingos in our front yard. There they were, in the Red Japanese Maple, on the lawn, hanging from the front porch lamps, hanging from the Flame Stitch Birch, there must have been 50 of 'em. And then there was this sign, explaining how all these flamingos had come to live in our front yard, and how you could, for a modest sum, "send them on" to some one else, or how, for $100, you could get "flocked insurance" so that they'd never come back again. So Peeps, who loves kids and loves Young Life, decided to give Young Life a check for $99.99. kist because he hopes he gets flocked again...Early Friday morning when Avery got up, she saw saw the flamingos, and she had to greet every single one of 'em. PS. Avery will need a Young Life leader in exactly 13 years. You better believe we have already started praying. Thirteen years will be here before we know it.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Going to Carolina in the Morning

Oh Boy! I better get scrubbed and ready for bed. In the morning my Mommie and I are flying to NC to see my MayMay, Peeps, Silly Aunt Millie, Uncle Brother, Huff River, Huff Maggie, and Huff Georgia. Yipee!!!