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Monday, July 16, 2007

Did somebody call housekeeping????

Four huffs assemble just outside the makeshift gate announcing that today is brought to us by the number four (for four dogs) and the letter b (as in blackberry) and that they're reporting for "housekeeping" duty. Georgia Brown, the shortest houskeeper, is "locked and loaded" on the first target, a chunk of flat egg and a handful of Cheerios. The big dogs have not a clue what's going on, they mostly play "follow the leader." Georgia has somewhat of an advantage as she can skinny thruough the wire wickets, something these big dogs can't quite do.
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World's smallest Egg McMuffin

Peeps shows Avery the world's smallest egg McMuffin, a 1/2" square piece of flat egg squished between two Cheerios. Avery pretty much hangs on every word her grandfather says, not knowing whether to believe him. Four dogs (drooling in background), await their turns at cleanup.
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Peeps puts everyone to work

Hi Mommie Hi Daddy, Peeps is putting everyone at Toad Hall to might want to stay down in the islands a little longer...Love, Avery

ps. note the time, he's making me work past my nap and the end of this yardwork isn't in sight!

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

HEY It's Saturday Morning 7:45 AM (Yikes, Am I Ever Up Early)

Last night Peeps and MayMay said - Avery, better go on to sleep 'cause we gotta go 'farmering' ??? at 7 tomorrow - and yes, breakfast will be on the fly - you may even go in your jammies. Well i wake up at 7 (on my own - first day since I have been at camp) and off we went - they did put on my coverall skirt just to make sure I would fit in! What fun we had - we saw huffs, friends, and yummy food (squash, corn, green beans etc) and blackberries - the biggest I had ever seen(they were weird through) Here I am with Peeps viewing a Huff Huff on our way in.

Friday, July 13, 2007

It's gonna be hard to top this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huff to the max

HighFivin with the Chick-Fil-A Cow----Need I say more than this. We followed the cow all over the parking lot with 1,000,000 huffs being said with shrills of laughter and many it bedtime yet? This is MUCH MORE fun than going to bed on time...which is highly overrated. We didn't miss it by too much and we had more fun than the legal limit.

Carolina Cafe - Time for dinner

Peeps and me and MayMay went inside for dinner during the concert to the Carolina Cafe at Friendly. We saw several friends of theirs and I showed off my teeth and toothiest smiles. We had turkey and the usual side items....pretzels, a couple of chips shh - don't tell my Mom and some SoyYo and SoyMilk of course. I can hardly wait to get back outside and see the ChickFilaCow(commonly known as a HuffHuffHuff) and all the people. I know many words now...MayMay Peeps Up Down Open Pool Boat Bike Huff MeMe Houst Stop Go & more i don't remember now

Somebody turned on the Bubble Machine

Beats taking a nap

Peeps and Avery are in the market for a tow-behind bike trailer, big enough to carry a couple of grandchildren, safe, and of course, good looking. Our Criteria? 1) Speed, 2) Price, and 3) Quality. First we checked out Cycles D'Oro. Then Performance Bicycle, where the Burley D'lite was on sale. But before we knew it, a hot bike caught our eye. You guessed it: Schwinn's Little Tigress!

It had to be the streamers because she went for them first. Peeps thinks four playing cards held on with four clothespins would be perfect.

New word for the day: Bike. Bike. Bike. Bike. Bike. Bike. One hundred fifty times. Bike.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Out to lunch with MayMay and Peeps

Jason's Deli _ Yum. I just love to go to Friendly Center. Today's outing took us to REI then to Jason's for lunch. Everyone there was in a big hurry but us. We just sat outside and ate our turkey and wheat thins, our animal crackers, and some fruit. A little SoyYo makes everything more fun. The day is brought to you by the letter J for Jelly Jam Jonathan and Justin also Jason's and Jubilant - that's me. I am having fun with Peeps and MayMay who don't seem to have much to do but play with me. I wonder what they do while I am sleeping?

The kitchen and all in it are MINE-HUFF HUFF HUFF

The kitchen and all in are Mine All Mine. The huffs 5 of them at last count lining up for breakfast this morning & I like to toss them the extras from my little tray (giggling) egg yolks, Cheerios, Banana, and SoyYo for sure with BaBa just for good measure. I just love breakfast time. Laughing,Playing and watching the huffs. What could possibly be more fun? Peeps acts like he doesn't like my little game of toss to the huffs but I can see him smiling and laughing with MayMay. They just don't seem so serious to me. Hey, Mom and Dad - Just stay in Jamaica another week, we are fine here. This morning is brought to you by the letter B for Bikes and the number 5 for Huffs.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Aunt Mimi & Her Mom visit Camp Toad Hall

Aunt Mimi and her Mom bring Hot Pink Boa and Books to Toad Hall and we take Avery to Southern LightsPosted by PicasaMy Annt Mimi & Uncle Brother Houst are bringing me a cousin in September and making her Mom a MeMe or something or other cool like that.

Avery goes to GVP with Peeps and MayMay

CampToadHall moves to the Green Valley Pool. Peeps and Mr. Turtle and Me and MayMay have fun in the sun(but don't worry not too much sun)
I am so tickled - I am about to split wide open - I'm not sure what is SO funny but i giggle up a storm and as usual MayMay has the camera ready to shoot all the good shots!Posted by Picasa

Peeps reads to me about himself the dog. What a funny book and what a wonderful Peeps(written by MayMay - Peeps is her boyfriend) Aunt MeMe and Houst gave it to Peeps for Fathers Day. I say Huff Huff Huff a couple of dozen times just to make sure i still can!
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Me and My Mom and Camp Riverbank with Mr. Turtle

Fun at riverbank - Camp Riverbank that is - here I am with my Mom(Ali) and Mr. Turtle and Wivver's tennis ball. Most of what happens at Camp Riverbank is that MayMay Peeps Meme and Houst throw the yellow tennis balls into the water for the Huffs to bring back.

Camp Riverbank all decked out

Peeps and MayMay decked out the deck at Camp Riverbank. Peeps has a little decorator in him waiting to get out. Fun!
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Recycled Sunfish sails make great canopy shades

peeps' gets in touch with his inner decorator by putting vintage Sunfish sails to good use providing shade for the dock. What's more, on a windy days the flapping sails makes one believe he's sailing, no small bonus.